Augmented Reality-Based Mobile Apps in Interior Design and their Bright Future in Real Estate

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Augmented reality sounds like a wild futuristic concept, but in reality, it is creating an excellent, composite view in both real and virtual worlds. This is the reason why every mobile app development company is trying to create more AR and VR apps in the coming months. From the various interactive map overlays and virtual showrooms, each piece of software is on smartphone and camera functionality, thus creating a more immersive experience. As AR helps in the marketing phase many companies extend their advertising dollars by making their campaigns techie-cool.

Many times, it can be tedious to get walk-in clients through a project particularly if the construction work is still ongoing. Especially, for this reason, mobile app development companies strive that through evolution digital modeling and blend of AR and virtual reality, one could display interior projects to their clients in its 3D aura.

AR apps are designed to add computer-generated objects and textures to real-world environments. While VR apps are based on a digital simulation of a real environment.

Importance of augmented reality apps

Today, a competent mobile app development company would love to work on augmented reality owing to its far reach and fast design process at a fraction of the cost. You can utilize it in the design space easily. The customers benefit from scanning building spaces or product catalogs using any of the related augmented apps to access products at home. It is a new dimension of marketing and engages your audience efficiently. It offers consumers the opportunity to test products from your online and eliminates the guess work related to the process. With a virtual tour, you can visualize multiple models at the same time to find the perfect configuration. This ensures that your products are best suited for environment giving you a full array of color combinations to choose from.

These augmented mobile apps, make the communication of ideas with your client and team easier than ever before thus reducing the time of a typical sales cycle.

We have mentioned some of the apps related to this profession: –

Snapshot showroom

Snapshot showroom app is the reality of today where you consider to purchase a furniture or sofa through your mobile device. This app has the potential to showcase the furniture in a virtual way that shows how the object may look like in the comfort of their living room, bedroom, or any other desired area of their home. Firstly, you need to capture an image of the room which you need to furnish then you can browse the related items needed for the room comparing with the biggest brands. It has features related to resizing the furniture, finding different color combinations by repositioning it into virtual environments to get the right fit for the home. After the final process, you can purchase it conveniently thus saving your trip to the store.


Designing the perfect interior design for your home has now become even simpler due to this Decorilla mobile augmented app. It has introduced VR in viewing their interior designs for prospective buyers. Using this app customer can curate and explore various interior designs, and make it their own. It is specially an online platform in which potential customers and professional designers work together to come up with custom interior designs. The virtual tour is the best way for interior designers to show designs to their clients since they feel more confident and it saves customers time to do actual visits before purchasing furniture. It is the best and simplest way to collaborate with professional interior designers to choose interior spaces in the company platform and recommend changes.



HomeStyler app gives the perfect virtual room décor feel by imposing 3D models of various furniture and fixtures in the snapshot of your assigned room. You can even show your skills of interior designing by sharing your ideas in the design gallery. Even you get to make connections with the renowned designers and ask questions regarding any project.



The best mobile app dealing with augmented reality is Augment. With a complex model, it can visualize nearly any 3D model in augmented reality. Augment app can bring print to life thus increasing the visual possibilities. With more advanced features it offers additional multimedia features with a simple camera scan, thus displaying the recently-purchased product inside the building model. Mobile app development companies are keen to work on this app as it offers plug-ins for Sketchup, Revit, and other design software. After uploading their building models users can then navigate the project through the app bringing the project to life on the screen.



With a simple process, this augmented app can transform the painstaking ordeal of taking measurements and drawing up floor plans. It helps interior designers to compute distances within a space simply by analyzing a snapshot. Even they can expect the decor by getting the accurate measurement of the height of the ceiling or the width of the hallway. Only add objects, photos, and attributes to generate reports or complete estimates for the project.

In due course, every mobile app development company will keep themselves abreast of future developments in this field include integrating Leap Motion software that allows gesture-driven commands that let individuals visualize a design over a period of time in a single sitting. Ultimately you can consider that it’s not this futuristic or far-off technology that has minimal use. It’s meant for now, and it’s adding great business value for architects and interior designers.