Suzuki Are Entering The Augmented Reality Helmet Game!

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In a similar move to BMW and KTM, Suzuki are entering the augmented reality HUD helmet game, but this idea is even more interesting! Thanks to some super-sleuthing from the team at, new patent sketches have emerged that show off Suzuki’s new augmented reality direction. If you look at the sketches, you’ll see a patent for a scooter…but don’t worry about the scooter, because Suzuki have sneakily hidden something even better in among the plans: it involves cameras, it involves real-time link ups, and it’s coming soon.

HUD (Head Up Display) helmets are going to be a thing whether we like it or not. For many of us, the idea might be a little too alien for us to appreciate. For others, we’ve had our hearts broken too many times by failed start-ups and broken promises. However, now that big brands like Sony, Nolan800, BMW, KTM and Suzuki have decided to actively get involved, it won’t be long until we’re all wearing one. This new idea from Suzuki is even better than anything else we’ve previously seen though.

It features a clever system that involves a small screen and a projector that shows all the relevant information on your visor: your speed, rpm, fuel, and even live traffic updates. That’s pretty standard – most other units promise all that too. Suzuki’s rig is a little more sophisticated. It offers all of the usual stuff, but it also comes with an interesting rear mounted camera arrangement that live-streams what’s going on behind you, making mirrors a thing of the past…almost.

Norton have a similar concept in the works at the moment, but the rear camera view is being displayed on your usual dashboard. Suzuki’s idea will live stream the footage from the back of your bike directly onto your visor, giving you a full view of everything that’s going on behind you. But that’s not even the really cool part…

What makes this idea so interesting is that the camera isn’t in a fixed position, and actively moves as you (the rider) move your head. So, when you’re looking left, the rear-view camera points to the right. According to the patent, the idea behind the directional camera is down to how your brain processes information. If the image moves as your head views, you’ll be able to use the information quicker, and process what’s going on faster. Clever, huh?

At the moment, the patent is fixed to one of their bigger maxi-scooter kind of things – but that doesn’t mean that it’s solely reserved for that model. In fact, new technology ideas are often smuggled under obscure models to keep them from becoming too public. A gambling rider would put their money on the fact that this technology is going to become pretty mainstream in the near future, regardless of what type of bike you ride.

So there you have it: augmented reality is coming, and Suzuki are putting in a lot of effort to hurry it up. The question is: do you want it?

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