Virtual Reality: Revisiting The Past | William Capozzi | TEDxBuffalo

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A good many people who follow Buffalo Rising are interested in this city’s architecture, not just the buildings that exist, but the ones that we have lost along the way. Buffalo has managed to save a good chunk of its historic architecture in recent years, since the city took a turn for the better. Loft developments and restaurants have helped to revive downtown Buffalo, though there is still a long way to go with infill.

Much of the recent progress has happened via the old fashioned way – through vision, determination and grit. That is how our city is being rebuilt. Unfortunately, we lost a lot along the way… you can find a laundry list of buildings right here. Who knows, someday some of these buildings might be rebuilt or reimagined in the real world. At least a couple of the very significant ones such as the Frank Lloyd Wright Administration Building (learn more).

For most of the lost buildings, we will simply have to preserve and share historic images, or maybe even follow the lead of virtual reality (VR) specialist William Capozzi. Capozzi feels that we can better relive these memories, by way of VR. Can you imagine an ongoing project that would visually piece together the streets and buildings of old Buffalo? Now that would really be something? 

When historic preservation can’t save a building, 3-D modeling and virtual reality may be able to help. William Capozzi shows how he has captured the soul of the grand theater of his youth in Olean, NY, and how we might do the same for other spaces whose time has run out. Capozzi is a digital and traditional artist, musician, and woodworker. He has worked professionally for over 20 years as a 3D Modeler and Animator. History and passing along stories are of great interest to him.