You can avoid road rage with this augmented reality app

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You can avoid road rage with this augmented reality app

Imagine you have a flight to catch and you’re almost late. So you’re rushing to the airport while someone from the car below starts honking and making aggressive hand gestures. This is a common scene in the roads now. The opposite can happen too. You may continuously honk on some cars ahead without knowing their emergency. Lots of accidents happen because of this road rage and it’s high time to reduce it.

“In the US every year, 1500 people are injured or killed as a result of aggressive driving,” says Chao Wang from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. To reduce the road rage he and his colleagues have developed an augmented reality app, which improves the communications between drivers to avoid road rage.

Social car

Known as “social car,” the app lets the driver see information about other cars projected from their smartphone to the windscreen without blocking their view. When the phone’s camera (with a special periscope lens attached) spots the car, the app shows information about that car. Knowing that the car ahead you are in an emergency, it would be easier for you to control your frustration and avoid any kind of road rage.

You can use the CarNote feature to select a virtual sign to display in an emergency situation, such as “rushing to the hospital,” or “going to the airport.” There will be a limit of how often you can use it so that no one can misuse this feature.

The app also features a ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ option that lets you express your views on other drivers. You can like them if they stop honking or register your displeasure when someone cuts you up. According to Wang, insurance companies can use this information to hike their price.

The app is currently a prototype but could be very helpful when finalized. Lots of people are injured and even killed because of this road rage and reckless driving. While we are still years away from the fully self-driving car, this app could prevent at least a few accidents caused by road rage before the cars become smart.