Augmented Reality Could Potentially Reduce Road Rage

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We’re sure many of us have had brief moments of road rage, where someone suddenly cuts you off and you nearly get into an accident. However there might be a variety of reasons why people drive the way they do, it could be because there’s an emergency and they’re in a rush, but for the most part we’ll never know.

However this is where augmented reality is expected to help. Developed by Chao Wang and his colleagues at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, the team has created an augmented reality app that aims to help reduce road rage by improving communications between drivers.

Like we said, sometimes there is a legit excuse as to why someone might be driving terribly, and with the app it will flash messages to the driver to let them know the reason why. For example if someone is rushing their wife who is in labor to the hospital, could you really stay mad at them for suddenly cutting into your lane?

The app will rely on your smartphone’s camera to scan for a purpose-designed sticker placed in the rear window of the car, which means that in order for this system to work all cars will need to participate in it. We’re not sure if this will actually catch on, but so far in a small trial that consisted of 30 people in a driving simulation, the results were pretty positive.

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