Augmented Reality Menus

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‘Kabaq’ Offers 3D Renderings of Restaurant Menu Items

‘Kabaq’ is an augmented reality menu that enables restaurant patrons to view a highly realistic 360-degree image of particular menu items.

If you’ve ever experienced the immediate jealously and regret that follows seeing your friend’s more appealing plate of food, this AR mobile app, might be for you. The New York-based start-up aims to revolutionize the food ordering system through offering 3D renderings of selected food items. The app enables users to correctly visualize a meal, displaying accurate portion sizes and ingredients. Through implementing a digital connection with food, the company hopes to increase customer engagement, while lessening the chances of unhappy patrons.

The immediate visualization of unfamiliar cuisine would increase a restaurant’s chances of selling less-popular menu items, while encouraging guests to step outside of their comfort zone, ordering something that they may not have considered previously.