Augmented Reality demos start showing up ahead of iOS 11 release

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Apple’s iOS 11 will boast the much awaited augmented reality support. Meanwhile, developers have been experimenting with the ARKit through iOS 11 developer’s beta update. The application of augmented reality is quite extensive and there are already several gaming and utility apps available for iOS that use the AR support.

Augmented Reality demos start showing up ahead of iOS 11 release

The ARKit based apps will allow users to get their hands on augmented reality on their iPhones and iPads. Some of the applications of augmented reality have also been brought to life and are almost ready to use. There are several examples of such apps.

One of the applications of augmented reality has been incorporated in restaurants where visitors can have a look at the food in real time before they even order it. A 3D demonstration of the food is visible on screens of users in dishes placed on the table. This will help visitors decide for the order better.

Similarly, several games have been developed that put AR to full use. Few examples of such games are ARZombie and ARrived. These AR games allow players to use their device as a medium of interaction between the real world and the augmented reality.

These are just a few examples of what the future of augmented reality awaits. It is worth mentioning here that to fully utilize the ARKit a smart glass is awaited that can truly connect users to the real world using AR. Apple has dropped a few hints that suggest that the development of such AR glasses might be on going.