Augmented Reality Teddy Bear Teaches Kids About Being A Doctor

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Seedling wants children to get involved with augmented with the creation of teddy bear named Parker

Startup technology company Seedling wants to make it easier for children to get involved with augmented reality with the world’s first AR teddy bear called Parker.

The teddy bear comes with a doctor’s kit, a backpack and a set of X-ray aprons that sync with the company’s app. Children can simply use the app to follow instructions to learn how to treat Parker with their doctor’s kit, such as using the thermometer, the medicine bottle and spoon, and performing examinations. As a child successfully operates on Parker through the app, the bear’s happiness meter rises, which opens up special augmented reality effects in the app. What’s more, all of the accessories that come with Parker were made with wood, rather than traditional plastics.

Parker exclusively works on iPads or iPhones through Seedling’s app, found on the iTunes store.